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Tech News Daily – Your Daily Tech Report

Tech News is a weekly British magazine released by ICT Publishing, pertaining to all facets of information technology. ICT Publishing was started in 1996 and is now headquartered in London, having offices in Manchester, Brighton and Sydney as well. This magazine features articles dealing with a range of different areas, such as telecommunications, information technology,…

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Online marketing

Digital marketing is nothing but the integration of digital technologies with conventional marketing practices. The basic premise of digital marketing is that consumers need to be constantly exposed to new and innovative content in order to keep them satisfied and come back to the site for more services and/or products. Digital marketing strategies revolve around…

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Different Types of Robot Spare Parts

Robot spare parts, also referred to as robotic parts, robot accessories, or simply robot hardware, are essential to ensuring the safe operation of all modern robots. These parts include motors, drive units, sensors, control systems, and many other vital components that are essential for the safe performance of a robot. Robotic engineers regularly use these…

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