Submissions for 2017 are closed. We have a full lineup for next year.

Submissions will reopen in March for 2018.

If you are prepping a submission..

Things that we need to know.

1. Who is working on the book/comic? Where they are based?

2. A short synopsis- a few paragraphs- about the work. What’s it about? How does the story unfold?

3. A digital example of the work to date (please send it via a Dropbox or a large file download site)

4. Is it black and white or colour? A one-off, a mini-series or something you see as ongoing? Generally we’re looking for comic books with a 22-28 (18 – 24 pages of story) page count or Graphic Novel 66 to 96 pages. But there can be exceptions.

Things you need to know.

1. We don’t make superhero comics (unless this is the best idea ever, and no one has ever made anything like it or even remotely similar to it.. ever)

2. We are creator owned, as a result we don’t ‘buy’ the works from the maker. You’d retain the majority of the rights to the title, dependant on the contract terms.

3. We prefer complete creator teams, we don’t match up artists and writers.

4. We’re open to any genre. Comedy, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, real-life, crime, romance… just not the guys in capes and tight pants. Unless, y’know… it’s the best idea ever. Ideally we’re looking for mature and well structured genre stories. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be crazy or funny or off-the-wall, but things like Image’s Revival or Saga would be right up our street. If only…

5. Please don’t send us copies of original artwork in the post. Thank you.